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Rosie Jones sponsored rider

Hi, my name is Rosie Jones and I became a sponsored rider for Synovium 6 months ago. I am 17 years old and have ridden for around 10 years now. I am a junior event rider competing at Novice and 2* level with my mare Zee, (who I have owned for just over one year) and, at the lower levels, on my other horse Prince (owned for over 4 years). With my horses we have qualified for Hickstead Championship, NSEA Championships, Riding Club Championship (qualifier in picture below), produced consistent double clears and been a key member of the U18 Wales and West Midlands team. In which I was hoping to be selected for the Regional Championship at Bishop Burton in the CCI-LJ2* in 2020.

Rosie Jones Eventing

Zee is a 16.1hh 12yo Thoroughbred X Holstein X Irish Draught who came from a busy sales yard down in Exeter. When she arrived she was very tense and uptight during any sort of work but absolutely loves jumping! We decided to spend a lot of time on the basics and some simple training exercises. Zee found all this very overwhelming and even a 20 meter circle was daunting to her! I needed to find a way to get her to relax and enjoy work on the flat as much as I do, so that we could produce a decent dressage test on a day for eventing. We tried everything before a test, from lunging before hand, to no warm up, a 5 mins warm up or even 30+mins warming up. When really she only needed one small addition to her morning before an event; Synvoium’s Calmingard.

Rosie Jones sponsored rider

I am based on a livery yard in Shropshire, where the Managing Director Vicky Hipkins is also based. Vicky had seen my progress and determination in the sport of eventing and approached me about becoming a sponsored rider. I had already started using some of their products, for example on Zee I use the Agility Supplement and the Calminguard syringes.


Vicky explained in detail how Synovium’s Calmingard works and why it is different from other calmers, therefore I was willing to try it. Zee now has a Calmingard syringe before we leave for an event, and one when we arrive. We keep everything calm but swift, no waiting around in the morning if it can be helped! She is now much more manageable to put studs in, to tack up and to mount, making the day much less stressful for us all. Zee’s improved anxiety levels have allowed us to take part in demonstrations, on the flat, in front of hundreds of people. This demonstration, (pictured below) was taken with an International classically trained Portuguese dressage rider, Rui Campeão. He trains riders up to Grand Prix level. Just a small adjustment has made Zee so much more settled and relaxed yet it doesn’t make her sluggish or lazy.


Rosie Jones Rui Campeao

Zee has had a very busy season as a competition horse and is vulnerable to having immobilised joints and tired / achy muscles after eventing most weekends. Therefore we use Agility to enhance her performance keeping her in the best condition.

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The main reason I recommend Synovium horse supplements is because you can really see a difference in your horse. It really shows in both their work and attitude, keeping them a happier horse.

If you want to ask any further questions about Synovium and how it had helped me and my horses please get in touch.

Thank you

Rosie Jones Eventing x