Is Synovium Airplus Liquid safe for horses with metabolic conditions like Laminitis?

sugar content in airplus liquid is low

A question we get asked a lot…..

“ Is Synovium Airplus Liquid ok for my horses prone to laminitis or who has a metabolic condition? “

In short yes, we have many of these horses using the Airplus Liquid with great success when under correct management. 

This is what our head vet said about it:

When talking about sugar, of far more importance than how much is in the supplement, is the hay which is used,  and the non-structural carbohydrate levels in the hay which is fed. This is multi factorial as hay harvested during times of drought or freezing will have high sugar content. Hay cut in the morning will have lower content than hay cut later in the day. Drier hay will have less sugar content. 

Also important is the type of hay fed with grass hays ranging from 7-18% NSC ( non-structural carbohydrates ), legumes from 8-13%, and oat hays from 14-29%. Classically when feeding horses with metabolic syndromes the owner will use Timothy hay or Teff hay which have low levels. They may also steam the hay prior to feeding – this also has the purpose of reducing NSC.

So the main point is that while horses can typically tolerate 20% NSCs in the diet, horses with metabolic problems should have this reduced to around approx 10% – which effectively means feeding only hay which has low NSC – <10%, and not concentrates which can have NSCs up to 30-40%.

The amount of NSCs in Airplus Liquid is miniscule compared to that contained in the normal diet of a horse, even when it is on a low NSC diet.

We do not see the levels in Airplus Liquid effect horses with metabolic issues when already under good management. 

Always consult your vet if you are unsure. Knowing your horses NSC intake is key.

The figures for 30ml dose are:


2.1g Sucrose

4.5g Glucose


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