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Veterinary Horse Supplements
Synovium Horse Health combines scientific and veterinary research to provide a range of equine supplements that support your horse’s optimal performance and health.
Through years of dedication to the sport, our vets developed Synovium equine supplements to provide a range that is scientifically proven and to the highest quality.

All Synovium’s supplements are trialled on horses within the field to guarantee a brand you can trust and are competition legal.
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Synovium horse supplements are developed with clean sport at their forefront.

Our dedicated vets understand the importance of trusting what you feed, therefore all our products undergo extensive testing in and out of the field. Our vets are always on hand to help and support your horses needs and advice on the best supplements for them.

We also believe in providing scientifically supported horse health products which have been trialled on horses for guaranteed results.

Clean sport is at the forefront of Synovium horse supplements, providing confidence that our products are safe under FEI and Jockey lub rules. Our FEI vets are always update with any new anti-doping regulations to give you piece of mind.

The name Synovium comes from the name, synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is found inside healthy joints of horses and stands for cleanliness and purity. We aim to pursue this within all our our synovium products.

Synovium offers s a range of equine supplements for joints, muscles, gut health, respiratory, energy, calming, the immune system, performance and overall wellness.


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Riders & vets across the world trust our equine supplements for clean sport.

All our equine supplements undergo extensive trials in the lab and on horses in the field to guarantee optimal results. Providing a unique range of professional supplements developed by FEI team vets. Supporting joints, muscles, gut, respiratory, performance and general well-being in all equines.

"The modern day sport horse competing at top level can only benefit from extra support given through feeding supplements like Synovium.

We particularly like the combination of Synovium® Myocare-E to look after muscle health combined with Synovium® Agility, Synovium’s no.1 product in support of healthy cartilage, bones and ligaments.”
Michael Eilberg
Internation Dressage Rider
Millie Allen Balou Belle Stallion
"Synovium products not only help my horses to perform at their best but as an international competitor, it’s important that I have peace of mind that they comply with clean sport.

My favourite synovium supplements are the Megabol for optimal muscle building Gastrosafe for their gut health and Agility for their joints”
Millie Allen
Internation Showjumper
Chloe Vell Synovium supplements horse body weight
"Synovium supplements have been amazing!

Having such a huge range of products to choose from means that all my horses can all get the individual support they need, from the young ones just starting their eduction right up to the advanced horses.

I love Synovium's Agility & Myocare-E"
Chloe Vell
Internation Dressage Rider