The benefits of giving your horse a break during COVID-19 lockdown!

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Are you giving your horse a break during these uncertain times? With all equestrian events cancelled, horses are being turned out to the field or workload has been reduced. Whilst it is much easier to look at the negatives surrounding us now, Synovium vets want to help you look at the positive actions you can take to make the most of this lockdown with your horse.

Our vets recommend that all equines should take a break and recuperate from time to time, especially after a hard competition season or long period of work. It’s a time for your horse to relax and ‘reset’ his entire body. This is especially important for the optimal functioning of body organs and leads to better performance and a happy healthy horse. Giving your horse a break can work in your favour and often means they can perform to a much better standard afterwards. Their bodies can also perform better for many more years to come.

Recovery results can be maximised, during a break, with a detox supplement such as Synovium Hippochol, which allows the body to replenish itself and gain strength.

What benefits does a detox provide for a horse?

A horse’s internal system has a lot to process, from environmental stressors to feed and medicines. By supporting the liver and kidneys, with a detox, you can help the natural breakdown of these processes and aid in improved metabolism. A detox cleanses the vital organs and stimulates their function to process essential nutrients and get rid of waste products and toxins.

Why feed Synovium Hippochol?

Hippochol contains essential levels of Choline, which is required to produce lecithin and acetylcholine (neurotransmitter) and aids in a nonfatty liver. The unique formula, developed by our leading vets, combines the correct levels of Choline with Methionine, the second most essential amino acid in the equine diet (the horse can only obtain it from their diet). It is required to support connective tissues, liver function, healthy hooves, optimal metabolism, the immune system and detoxification.

Synovium Hippochol is feed for a 10-day course.

The benefits of giving your horse a break during COVID-19 lockdown! - Synovium Horse Health

Is Synovium Hippochol all my horse needs?

Horse require access to fresh water 24/7 and 2% of their body weight in forage. Horses should have plenty of space to move about, relax and chance to just be a horse. For the best results of giving a break and detox, horses should have a mainly fibrous diet without large quantities of feedstuffs high in sugar and starch.


Giving your horse a break? Then why not provide extra support with Synovium Hippochol detox supplement.