Synovium® Agility Collagen

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Advanced joint care for horses.



Advanced Collagen for horses. Synovium® Agility is an innovation is joint mobility and muscle care. It contains 100% bioactive collagen peptides (Hydrolyzed Collagen). A natural protein that contributes to the maintenance of cartalige, joint mobility and muscle strength.

Collagen is the main structural protein found in connective tissues of the body (skin, bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament, blood vessels, hair). Supplementing horses with collagen supports horses with joint immobility and tired muscles. Maintaining supple joints, healthy cartilage and muscle structure.

All horses will benefit from Agility, from foals to seniors.

Our product contains 100% bioactive collagen for horses. Agility has a neutral taste and odor for fussy eaters and it can easily be added to drinking water or food. Synovium Agility does not contain fillers, additives, fats or sugars.

Support your horse the right way!

This product has been developed and tested by vets.

1kg Tub (36 day supply = £1.88 per day)


Clean Sport



The ingredients of this product are not listed on the FEI Clean Sport prohibited substance database list.


INSTRUCTIONS – Agility collagen for horses

** 1 scoop = 14g


Horses & Ponies – 28g Daily (2 scoops)


Horses & Ponies – 42g Daily (3 scoops) for first 2 weeks. Continue on loading dose for horses with significant issues.

Please allow 4-6 weeks to see results.

1kg tub = 36 day supply on maintenance dose. (£1.88 per day)


Also try our Motion JMT to support joint immobility.


Weight 1 kg

1 review for Synovium® Agility Collagen

  1. Gemma Dennis

    I’ve been using a number of Synovium supplements on my horses for the last few months. Cobey my showjumper is on Agility Electrolytes Q and Gastrosafe to keep her in top condition with her busy competition schedule. She feels better than ever and performing at her best. Lily my retired showjumper is on BioBute to help with an old injury and also Airplus Liquid due to being diagnosed with mild equine asthma this year. her breathing is back to normal and she is looking great! so much so that she may even be fit enough to do some dressage soon 😁 I would highly recommend these supplements due to the in-depth research and trials they go through and my own experiences using them.

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