The Best Linseed Oil for Horses

cold pressed linseed oil for horses Synovium equine supplements
Best Linseed Oil for horses

The Best Linseed Oil for Horses

Horses, like us, need oil but what are the benefits and what oil is best for our equine friends? Cell membranes of living creatures are made from oils and fats and these are known as essential fatty acids (Omegas). They are essential meaning they cannot be produced by the horses’ body and must be obtained from the diet alone.

Omegas are important because they have a range of health benefits for horses including:

  • strong hooves
  • shiny, healthy coat
  • supporting healthy skin
  • maintaining joint health
  • contributing to the maintenance and building of bone strength and density
  • enhancing and building immunity resilience
  • enhancing and increasing tissue elasticity
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In addition, Omegas play an important role in the regulation of inflammatory responses in the horses’ body. The two major Omegas are Omega 3 (alpha linolenic acid) and Omega 6 (linoleic acid).

For good health, these essential fats need to be in balance. The majority of a horses’ Omega 3 will be consumed through eating grass. A stabled horse, or a horse at reduced grazing (for example over Winter), will therefore have a significant reduction in Omega 3 intake. The horses’ body uses Omega 3 for blood clotting, cell growth, and is invaluable for maintaining a healthy skin and coat.

An adequate supply is essential for rapid recovery from the stress of training or injuries. In addition to this, feeding hard feed the horse will have a much higher intake of Omega 6 in their diet. This means the ratio becomes unbalanced and the higher levels of Omega 6, will promote inflammatory responses in the horses’ body, possibly aggravating joint stiffness, skin conditions and existing allergies.

The Best Linseed Oil for Horses - Synovium Horse Health
The Best Linseed Oil for Horses - Synovium Horse Health

Linseed is nutritionally unique and offers health benefits that can be hugely beneficial to our equine friends. The benefits of feeding Linseed stem from the high fat content and the type of fatty acids that make up that fat, as well as the high soluble fibre content. It is the highest in Omega 3 and lowest in Omega 6 offering the greatest potential for balancing a horse’s nutrition due to the Omega 6 gained from hard feed.

The horses’ digestive system can extract energy from Linseed oil more easily than it can from hard feeds as it is easier to digest meaning it is less likely to cause gut disturbance. Horses that are in hard work and those which have a poor appetite, compromised digestion or who are poor doers, can struggle to consume or gain sufficient benefit from hard feeds alone so a diet enriched with the best Linseed oil for horses can help to manage their nutrition effectively.

It is also great for horses prone to laminitis, tying-up, colic, Sweet-Itch, and other skin conditions. In addition, research and scientific studies have suggested that Linseed oil can improve joint conditions.

Synoviums cold pressed Linseed oil for horses is 100% pure oil, derived from the first pressing. ‘Cold pressed’ refers to the process by which the oil is extracted from the seeds. It means that no added heat is used when pressing the seeds for the oil. It is much higher quality because it does not lose that quality and nutritional value through multiple processes. This is what stands Synovium’s Best Linseed oil for horses out from others on the market!

It is a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 for optimal skin, coat, digestive, respiratory & joint health. It supports metabolism whilst contributing to the optimal functioning of the stomach and intestines.

Its versatility is also an advantage, because it holds many benefits, mainly its anti-inflammatory properties, it can be teamed with targeted supplements such as Synovium® MSM Pure, Agility, or Motion JMT, helping to support muscles, soft tissues, joints, hooves, skin & coat condition.

cold pressed linseed oil for horses Synovium equine supplements

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