The great importance of Horse Liniments

martha lily photography rosie jones eventing
martha lily photography rosie jones eventing
Sponsored rider Rosie Jones and her ride Zelnova

The importance of horse liniments – Synovium Horse Health

Your horse is an athlete and participates in specific fitness regimens for competition so proper muscle care is crucial. Muscular pain, aches, stiffness, and swelling, can severely impact a horse’s athletic performance and his attitude. Muscular pain may be present in areas such as the back, hamstrings, quadriceps, triceps, chest, and the neck.

Muscular pain can be avoided or reduced when implementing a muscle care regimen.

  1. Stretching your horse before and after exercise can increase flexibility, help relieve joint and muscle pain, improve performance, and help prevent injuries.
  2. Warming up your horse’s muscles before exercise is extremely important when it comes to preventing injuries. It is recommended to warm up your horse for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to exercise for best results.
  3. When exercising your horse build the duration and intensity of work gradually. Work on both leads and diagonals and vary your exercise routine.
  1. Ensure your horse spends as much time as possible turned out, allowing him to stretch.
  2. Apply horse liniments to help with muscle pain, stiffness, and recovery after exercise. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Muscle Examination

Monitor your horse’s reactions when you are grooming or tacking him up. Skin twitching, flinching, ear pinning, tail swishing and kicking are indications to areas of muscle pain. Examine these areas by gradually increasing your hand pressure, using the heel of your hand, watching your horse’s reactions. Muscles should be pliable, sore muscles will feel hard and often spasm with pressure.

If the blood is unable to flow freely to an area, pain and stiffness can occur. After intense exercise, a good liniment can help to increase circulation to support the tendons and ligaments, promoting a faster recovery.

Horse liniments are a topical preparation in a liquid or gel form, that is applied or massaged into your horse’s body to help with muscle pain, stiffness, and swelling. Horse liniments may help cool down or warm up an area depending on the liniment’s ingredients.

Synovium Horse Liniments MSM, Ginger 250ml

GINGER + MSM dual action horse liniments for muscles, joints, and tendons.

Synovium® advanced gel helps keep muscles supple and supports relaxation for horses. The liniment first has a cooling and soothing effect, which helps in inflammation prevention. After cooling the added Ginger has a natural warming effect supporting blood circulation. MSM supports healthy muscle metabolism and the anti-inflammatory response. MSM provides many researched benefits when applied topical to a designated area and is easily absorbed through the skin.

A must have in every first aid kit!

Sponsored rider Rosie Jones says: “Synoviums Ginger & MSM will always have a place in my first aid kit. I love that it is a gel making it easy to apply. I use on all three of my horses to treat muscle soreness. It is a fantastic product!”

For any recurrent soreness in your horse, you should always consult your veterinarian.

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Synovium® Ginger & MSM Liniment