Synovium® Ginger & MSM Liniment

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GINGER + MSM Horse Liniment

  • Veterinary dual action liniment for muscles, joints and tendons.
  • First a cooling and soothing effect , which helps in inflammation prevention
  • Ginger has a warming effect and supports increased blood circulation and recovery
  • MSM supports healthy muscle metabolism & anti-inflammatory
  • Easy to apply gel in 500ml or 1L

GINGER + MSM dual action horse liniment for muscles, joints and tendons.

Synovium® advanced veterinary gel helps keep muscles supple and supports better recovery for horses post exercise. The liniment first has a cooling and soothing effect, which helps in inflammation prevention.

After the cooling effect Ginger gives a warming and relaxing effect. The addition of MSM supports healthy muscle metabolism and the anti-inflammatory response. MSM provides many researched benefits when applied topical to a designated area.

A good liniment can help relax and soothe muscles after work, helping to prevent the development of stiffness and pain. Speed up recovery with increased circulation to support the tendons and ligaments.

A must have in every first aid kit.

Ginger MSM Study

For proper use of Ginger + MSM horse liniment for muscles:

Apply a thin layer to the designated area. Wear gloves when applying the gel. Wash your hand after use. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Available in 500ml or 1 Litre


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1L, 500ml


Tea Extract


Ginger MSM Liniment Datasheet

2 reviews for Synovium® Ginger & MSM Liniment

  1. v.hipkins

    I love this product, I use it on my horses after training and competitions. It is easy to apply and you can feel it working yourself which I love. It has really helped with one of my horses who has wingalls. They seem to be getting smaller and his front tendons are not so sore to touch. Highly recommended.

  2. Jade Ellery

    I am a huge fan for this product! I use it daily on my horse after traing at the moment as I want to make sure that I am givng his muscles everything they need to recover properly along with the supplements and the massage rug. It is so easy to apply and my horse enjoys it when I massage it into the targeted areas. If only they made one for us humans ! Couldnt reccomend it enough.

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