The benefits of cooling legs for sport horses

cooling clay for horses legs 1.5kg

Veterinary research into why cooling horses legs is important.

Horses are designed for both speed and jumping their way out of danger. However, as quadrupeds, should one limb be compromised the whole animal becomes vulnerable. Your horse is an athlete too and participates in specific fitness regimens for competition, application of cold therapy can become part of this routine to help protect against injury.

Synovium Horse Supplements cooling horses

Studies have shown that the core temperature in the tendons, like the superficial digital flexor tendon, produce heat on exercise increasing between 6 and 8°C after exercise. The tendons are further insulated by leg protection, and without airflow, heating is exacerbated, and the temperatures could rise to dangerous levels which could lead to tendon cell death.

After intense exercise, cooling the legs may promote a faster recovery and support better ongoing performance, by addressing the heat build-up and inflammatory response via cooling.

As horse owners it is our job to take the utmost care of our horses’ legs before, during and after exercise, and these tips can help you to monitor and support the health of your horse’s legs.

It is important to monitor them daily, so you know what is typical for your horse. If you are familiar with your horse’s legs it will become second nature to notice any subtle (or not so subtle) changes.

After exercise, proper care can help your horse to recuperate. As equestrians we understand the importance of walking out our horse until he is cool and providing plenty of water for him to drink, but post-exercise leg care is sometimes overlooked. During exercise, your horse’s legs undergo an incredible amount of strain, so it is vital you inspect them for injuries and to help facilitate recovery after exercise.

Begin your horse’s leg care routine with a hands-on check after every form of exercise. Take the time to run your hands over the legs which will help you pick up things such as swelling, warm spots, cuts and abrasions. If you can spot leg abnormalities early, often you can minimise or help prevent an injury.

If your horse has undertaken hard work or has been exercising on an excessively hot day, cooling horses legs after exercise is vital. Recent studies have shown that cool, running water is more effective at reducing leg temperature than ice. However, running water is not always available when you are out competing so another alternative to cold water and iced boots is leg-cooling products.

The cooling action of Synovium’s CLAY & COOL PERFORMANCE is ideal for use on hot tired legs. It is ready to use, easy to apply with no need to wrap or bandage and is easily washed off.

CLAY & COOL has a uniquely developed formula, containing 100% natural active ingredients for optimal performance with a superior longer lasting effect. The added thyme oil makes it safe for use on broken skin or minor cuts and helps to nourish and soothe with its antiseptic properties.

It should be used as part of the daily leg care routine, to care for and help maintain healthy legs. Apply before or after exercise.

cooling clay for horses legs 1.5kg


Montmorillonites (aka French Green Clay) is a natural volcanic clay with high mineral contents combined with aluminium silicate.

Sodium borate is a natural antiseptic

Natural thyme oil has anti-bacterial properties and helps to nourish and soothe the skin.

Purified Water

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