Why Choose Synovium Horse Supplements?

vicky hipkins Synovium Horse Supplements UK Director
Synovium Horse Health Supplements

Synovium horse supplements are the result of years of extensive scientific and veterinary research and trials into horse health, nutrition and performance by our leading team of vets from Vetmarx BV, The Netherlands.
Providing veterinary care at the highest of levels and lead by FEI vet, Drs SHL Donker DVM, Synovium understands the importance of supporting your horse in all eventualities whilst complying with FEI and Jockey Club anti-doping rules for Clean Sport.
With so many horse supplements on the market today it can be extremely confusing to know what to feed and what to trust. Synovium has been developed on scientific evidence and undergoes strict veterinary trials in all equestrian disciplines to guarantee effectiveness & quality. All our products are quality assured, and our laboratories are GMP+ certified.
Our team work within the heart of the equestrian industry and share your love and passion for horses. Working alongside horses every day we wanted to provide a go to brand that you can trust.
Synovium Horse Health has been well established in Europe and The Middle East since 2006 and was recently launched in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Used & loved by many top riders, trainers and vets.

The name Synovium comes from the name, synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is found inside healthy joints and stands for cleanliness and purity. We aim to pursue this within all our Synovium horse supplements, provding only the best.

The horse is an individual just like you, Synovium understands every horse is different. Good feed is of great importance; however, it can never fully meet the needs of the horse as an athlete. Synovium Horse Health’s team of vets examine each horse and looks after their health, whilst providing the best performance with the support of the right supplements. Some horse supplement companies provide an All-in-One supplement solution, but here at Synovium we don’t believe that this ‘fix all in one’ works well. Usually the quality and quantity of active ingredients are reduced to create them and therefore does not tackle the individual health issues as it may lead to believe.

Trust What You Feed!
Synovium Horse Health

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