Synovium Airplus Liquid – What is in it and why?

Synovium Airplus Liquid veterinary respiratory supplement for horses

Synovium Airplus Liquid – What is in it and why?

No.1 veterinary respiratory supplement. A firm favourite with our vets, owners and horses, because it works!

An innovative equine respiratory supplement which has been carefully developed by our FEI vets. A unique blend of Potassium iodide, Eucalyptus oil, Rosemary, Thyme and Aniseed known for effectively clearing the airways and excess mucus whilst soothing the respiratory tract and supporting free breathing.

Suitable for horses with Equine Asthma, coughs and allergies. Synovium Airplus Liquid has undergone extensive research and trials by our indepenant team of vets to guarantee its effectiveness.

Safe for use during competition and long term use.