Synovium® Airplus Liquid

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Airplus Liquid – Horse Respiratory Supplement 

  • Suitable for horses with COPD, Asthma & Allergies.
  • Quality assured respiratory supplement for horses
  • Potassium Iodide – an expectorant which clears the airways effectively
  • Peppermint Oil – natural ingredient Menthol helps open the airways and clear excess mucus, a natural antihistamine.
  • Eucalyptus Oil – soothing effect during coughing
  • Aniseed  – opens sinus passages for natural respiratory support

AIRPLUS LIQUID is an innovative equine respiratory supplement which has been carefully developed by our leading vets. A unique blend of Potassium iodide, Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil and Aniseed known for effectively clearing the airways and excess mucus whilst soothing the respiratory tract and supporting free breathing. Suitable for horses with Equine Asthma, COPD and coughs.

A natural horse respiratory supplement with a long lasting effect.

1 Litre

** Some ingredients of this product are listed in the FEI Clean Sport prohibited substance database. This product may test positive. Withdrawal time: 48 hours before competition. **

Weight1 kg


Horse: Add 60ml to the feed per day. ( 17 day supply)

or for maintenance: add 30 ml to the feed once per day. ( 1 month supply)

Pony: Add 30ml to feed per day. ( 1 month supply)

or for maintenance: add 15 ml to the feed once per day. ( 2 month supply).

Loading dose can be given for the first week.

Not suitable for foals.


Feed materials per 1L:

Pinus Sylvestris 10,000 mg

Peppermint 5,000 mg

Aniseed 5,000 mg

Natural Syrup base 1,000 ml


Nutritional additives:

Potassium iodide 9,8000 mg / L



2 reviews for Synovium® Airplus Liquid

  1. Gemma Dennis

    I’ve been using a number of Synovium supplements on my horses for the last few months. Cobey my showjumper is on Agility Electrolytes Q and Gastrosafe to keep her in top condition with her busy competition schedule. She feels better than ever and performing at her best. Lily my retired showjumper is on BioBute to help with an old injury and also Airplus Liquid due to being diagnosed with mild equine asthma this year. her breathing is back to normal and she is looking great! so much so that she may even be fit enough to do some dressage soon 😁 I would highly recommend these supplements due to the in-depth research and trials they go through and my own experiences using them.

  2. Faye Anderson

    My daughters pony Daisy has developed asthma in her old age. We have been managing this with help from our vet for a number of years now but the last twelve months her breathing has really deteriorated. Daisy had really slowed down she began to find the simplest of work difficult because she was struggling to breath it was horrible to watch. We tried everything but nothing worked so we began to think about retiring her. Someone suggested trying Airplus Liquid and I have to say I was rather sceptical at first because we had tried absolutely everything available on the market but we gave it a go. Since Daisy has been on Airplus Liquid she has a new lease of life! I honestly cannot believe the difference in her! Her breathing is the best it has ever been! I can not recommend this stuff enough… it’s just magic!

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