Watch, Learn, Meet, AsK, Enjoy

An exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes at the family home of Eilberg Dressage in Worcestershire. Where you will get the chance to watch live demos from Michael and Maria Eilberg and the team.

Hear from the extremely knowledgeable man behind it all, Ferdi Eilberg and get the chance to embark on a behind the scenes yard tour with Geri Eilberg, to meet some of their Grand Prix horses and up and coming talents.

Not only will you get to meet and hear from the World’s Dressage Dygnasty, Team Eilbergs, but Synovium’s head FEI and Olympic Team Vet, Dr Sebastiaan Donker DVM, will be flying in to give a talk on horse health, performance and how we can help our horses achieve their very best at all levels.

Synovium’s leading nutritionist, Annouk, will also be giving top advice and answering questions about your horses nutrition. Synovium UK Director, Vicky Hipkins, will be available to chat with you about our veterinary products and why we are dedicated to bringing change to equine supplements.

A day promised to be packed with exclusive knowledge, tips, advice and fun!

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