Synovium® Red & Gold

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RED&GOLD a unique energy supplement for horses.

  • B Vitmains & Essential Spur Elements
  • Energy Booster for optimal performance
  • Well thought out formula by leading vets
  • Quality Assured with GMP+ Certification
  • Support optimal immune health

1L / 5L

Red & Gold is a veterinary energy supplement for horses. Containing extra vitamins and minerals for when deficiency is present. Supporting optimal energy boost, performance and immune health.

Red & Gold proves over and over again to be the designated supplement of choice for horses with energy loss. The specific spur elements, whereas iron, are of profound value to the production of haemoglobin, which transports oxygen in the blood cell throughout the body.

Synoviums well thought-out formula of spur elements, B vitamins and Biotin in Red & Gold energy boost provides lasting performance when most needed. Ideal for competitions and when extra performance is required.


Nutritional energy supplement for horses for optimal endurance and provides a good source of iron.


Horse and pony: add 60 ml to feed daily
Horse and pony in training: add 60 ml to feed twice daily
Foals: add 15 ml to feed daily


Bottle of 1L / 5L


1L, 5L


Red & Gold Datasheet


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Per Litre Iron 2625 mg B1 2510 mg B2 1240 mg B3 (niacin) 3315 mg B5 (panthotenic acid) 1315 mg B6 412 mg Biotin 8 mg B12 2510 mcg


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