Synovium® Gastrosafe

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Veterinary gut balancer for horses: Gastrosafe offers a innovative formula to support optimal gut health

  • Award Winning & Scientifically Proven Gut Supplement
  • Aids in a healthy front & hind gut environment
  • Developed by our leading vets and equine nutrition experts
  • Natural anti-inflammatory with essential prebiotics
  • Ideal for horses during and after veterinary treatment for ulcers
  • Unique premium formula to achieve the best results as trialed by our vets
  • 1.5kg tub gives 1 months supply

GASTROSAFE is a unique veterinary gut balancer for horses. Developed to support a healthy stomach environment and aid digestive function. It has been extensively researched and trialed by a veterinary team and nutrition experts for optimal results. Gastrosafe helps control gastric acidity in horses, provides essential prebiotics, whilst supporting the natural anti-inflammatory processes in the front and hind gut.

Gastrosafe is suitable for horses with poor appetite, condition and performance. Ideally fed to horses during or after veterinary treatment for Ulcers to help support a healthy stomach environment, providing a natural alternative to maintain a healthy Gastrointestinal (GI) tract and a happy horse. A gut balancer will provide support to horses during stressful activities, travelling, competition and change in routine.

No ingredients in Gastrosafe are listed on the FEI prohibited substances list. Competition Legal, Anti-Doping checked.

1.5kg / 4.5kg


Our Award Winning and scientifically proven Gastrosafe has been extensively researched and trialled by our leading vets. Figure 1 below shows the differences in ulcer score between the first and second examinations, carried out 6 weeks apart, for both supplemented and controlled horses.
The average ulcer score for the group supplemented with Synovium Gastrosafe decreased from 1.82 to 0.91, whilst the average score for the controlled group increased from 1.5 to 1.66.

This study shows the effectiveness of Gastrosafe, as a nutritional adjunct in the management of equine gastric health.


Gastrosafe gut balancer study

Nutritional gut balancer for horses; for use on horses with a sensitive stomach



1.5kg, 4.5kg


Calcium carbonate (E170) 200,000 mg / kg
Seaweed (Laminaria hyperborea) 100000 mg / kg (Natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements)

Magnesium Hydroxide (E528) 100000 mg / kg (Antacid)
Fructooligosaccharides 100 000 mg / kg (Prebiotics)
Glutamine 38 000 mg / kg (Amino Acid)
Threonine 47 200 mg / kg (Amino Acid)



**Measuring spoon of 60 ml contains 50 grams.

Horse: Add 75g per day to feed. ( 1.5kg = 3 week supply / 4.5kg = 2 month supply)

Maintenance: add 50g per day in feed ( 1.5kg = 1 month supply / 4.5kg = 3 month supply )

Pony and foal: add 25-50g to the feed daily, split between feeds where possible.

1 review for Synovium® Gastrosafe

  1. Gemma Dennis

    I’ve been using a number of Synovium supplements on my horses for the last few months. Cobey my showjumper is on Agility Electrolytes Q and Gastrosafe to keep her in top condition with her busy competition schedule. She feels better than ever and performing at her best. Lily my retired showjumper is on BioBute to help with an old injury and also Airplus Liquid due to being diagnosed with mild equine asthma this year. her breathing is back to normal and she is looking great! so much so that she may even be fit enough to do some dressage soon 😁 I would highly recommend these supplements due to the in-depth research and trials they go through and my own experiences using them.

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