Silverfeet Hoof Balm

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400ml Silverfeet Hoof Balm

  • Natural, non-toxic hoof balm
  • Oil/beeswax base plus essential oils and the all-important silver complex
  • Active silver to fight bacteria
  • Natural colour enhanced
  • Competition Legal
  • Provides everyday hoof protection and care

Silverfeet is an effective natural hoof balm with its unique formula containing active silver. Silver kills an astonishing range of microbes (bacteria and fungi) within minutes of application.The hoof balm, when applied to the wall, sole and frog, produces an effective barrier against the environment whilst the silver ions maintain hoof health and fight the bacteria which may lead to hoof odour and conditions such as Thrush.

Unique formula consisting of an oil/beeswax base plus essential oils and the all-important silver complex. A non-toxic formula which has been developed for everyday use to provide maximum protection.

When Silverfeet is applied, natural hoof colour is not altered but enhanced, producing a lasting shine. It has a pleasing smell and the balm is formulated to a non-spill but easy-to-apply consistency. Free from all prohibited substances listed in current FEI publications and complies with the Rules of Racing.

Since Silverfeet does not contain any harsh chemicals, it is safe for daily use in place of regular hoof oils even by children. Recommened to be applied 1-2 times a day for optimal hoof health.

400ml available in Natural or Black (Blue & Pink on request)

Best Selling Hoof Balm – Silverfeet
Weight 0.5 kg

Natural, Black, Blue, Pink


“The difference is actually quite unbelievable!! Had frogs which were black and gooey and smelly. Within 2 days of using Silverfeet they were bone dry and the dead stuff had dried up and fallen off! It’s now about a week or so in and his feet are immaculate!! I use it once a day in the morning after I’ve mucked out. Will definitely be on this stuff for life!”

“The farrier came out to shoe all the boys today and he was impressed with their feet. Since his last visit the only difference has been the use of Silverfeet. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

“Excellent stuff! Recommended by farrier. So far I have noticed a more healthy looking shine to his feet than before (whilst using a well known brand of hoof ointment).”

“Just to let you know my barefoot horse’s thrush has gone and his frogs are filling in with lovely healthy tissue. I am really pleased to have found a product that really works and has no harsh chemicals.”

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Complete Care

Silverfeet Hoof Balm

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