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We understand the importantance of knowing what you are feeding your horse and why. Synovium’s scientifically proven horse supplements ensure the highest of standards which our dedicated team of FEI vets continue to develop as new scientific and field research is undertaken.

Our horse supplements are manufactured under GMP certification, which is only given to those who manufacture at the highest of levels. Our vets use the latest science in equine nutrition and comply to FEI and Jockey Club rules. The products are tested on horses under anti-doping rules to ensure their safety.

The leading Dutch brand is developed by Vetmarx BV which has been well established in Europe and The Middle East since 2006. The Synovium name comes from “Synovial Fluid” the fluid inside of a healthy joint. Synovial fluid is clean and pure, something we strive to achieve in all our Synovium range.

Synovium provides horse supplements to meet the horses needs at all levels of competition and all ages. Our friendly and expert team are always on hand to talk through the best supplements available for your horse.

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Find out what our customers are saying about Synovium Horse Supplements

“I use Synovium Agility on a range of horses,
knowing that it is looking after their joints.
It is vital for keeping them at their best for competiton.”
"I believe this supplement has been so influential in the prevention of muscle fatigue after intense training sessions or multiple day competitions for my horses! It has also allowed them to build lean muscle helping develop their strength and perform at their very best in the dressage arena!”
"My youngster suffered really badly with mudfever last winter and ended up having to have antibiotics. This year, the first sign of any, I applied Synovium Mudcare which cleared it up straight away and stopped it becoming a problem, he hasn’t had any reoccur either. ”


Synovium horse supplements are developed with clean sport at their forefront.

Our dedicated vets understand the importance of trusting what you feed, therefore all our products undergo extensive testing in and out of the field. Our vets are always on hand to help and support your horses needs and advice on the best supplements for them.

We also believe in providing scientifically supported horse health products which have been trialled on horses for guaranteed results.

Clean sport is at the forefront of Synovium horse supplements, providing confidence that our products are safe under FEI and Jockey lub rules. Our FEI vets are always update with any new anti-doping regulations to give you piece of mind.

The name Synovium comes from the name, synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is found inside healthy joints of horses and stands for cleanliness and purity. We aim to pursue this within all our our synovium products.

Synovium offers s a range of equine supplements for joints, muscles, gut health, respiratory, energy, calming, the immune system, performance and overall wellness.

clean sport for horses


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