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“I use Synovium Agility on a range of horses, knowing that it is looking after their joints. It is vital for keeping them at their best for competiton.”

Charlie Jones / GB
Synovium Horse Respiratory Supplement Airplus Liquid

Airplus Liquid

“Since Daisy has been on Airplus Liquid she has a new lease of life! I honestly cannot believe the difference in her! Her breathing is the best it has ever been”

Emily & Daisy
Synovium Vitamin and mineral supplement for horses Immune and Energy Supplement for horses


“This is such a good product we have our 2 Grand Prix horses on it we have really struggled with their stamina they have completely transformed. This is my favourite product i think it’s fantastic.”

David Coombs
Gastrosafe ulcer supplement for horses


“One of my top horses suffers from ulcers and this causes him to drop condition very easily. Since feeding him the Gastrosafe supplement, I have seen a drastic improvement.”

Aimee Jones

Synovium horse supplements are developed with clean sport at its forefront. Our dedicated vets understand the importance of trusting what you feed, therefore all our products undergo extensive testing in and out of the field.

We also believe in providing scientifically supported horse health products which have been trialled on horses for guaranteed results.

The name Synovium comes from the name, synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is found inside healthy joints of horses and stands for cleanliness and purity. We aim to pursue this within all our our synovium products.

Synovium offers s a range of equine supplements for joints, muscles, gut health, respiratory, energy, calming, the immune system, performance and overall wellness.

Team Synovium

Michael and Maria Eilberg Dressage Synovium

Michael & Maria Eilberg
International Dressage

Charlie Jones Showjumper, nephew to Nick Skelton

Charlie Jones
International Showjumper

Aimee Jones Showjumper sponsored by Synovium Horse Health UK

Aimee Jones
International Showjumper

Jade Ellery International Dressage Rider sponsored by Synovium Horse Health

Jade Ellery
International Dressage

Chloe Vell Dressage Rider Sponsored by Synovium Horse Health

Chloe Vell
International Dressage

Rebecca Vale Eventer Synovium Supplements Matt Nuttall Photography

Rebecca Vale
International Eventer

Gemma Dennis Showjumper Synovium

Gemma Dennis
National Showjumper

martha lily photography rosie jones eventing

Rosie Jones
National Eventer

Guildhouse sport horses, retraining racehorses

Lisa Smith
Retraining Racehorses

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Sophie Quinton
National Showing

Lilli Fiddes Showjumper

Lilli Fiddes
National Showjumper

David coombs showjumper ND sport horses synovium rider

David Coombs
ND Sport Horses

clean sport for horses