Synovium® Calmingard Single

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  • Unique formula to focus every horse.
  • Proven calming effects when most needed
  • Carefully developed by our team of vets.
  • Competition Legal

Calmingard instant calmer for horses contains all natural ingredients in a unique gel form. Our unique formula contains ingredients with proven calming effects. Calmingard does not sedate, is safe for competition and has been developed by our team of vets to reduce stress and anxiety when most needed!

Providing focus, concentration and a all round calmer horse.

Also Calmingard does not contain any substances on the anti-doping list therefore is safe for clean sport. It comes in a practical syringe for easy oral application. Ideal for shows, travelling, farrier etc.

1 single syringe (10ml)

A favourite amongst our customers!

instant calmer for horses

Looking to support your horses gut? Synovium® Gastrosafe is ideal for natural stressors to help protect the gut and prevent further bad behaviour due to ulceration and acid. 

Should I use a Horse Calmer?

Spooking / over reacting is part of the horses natural ‘fight or flight’ stress response and if you are dealing with a horse that is genuinely afraid, patience is the best calming tool you have. Allowing them to build confidence and to listen to your requests.

However sometimes horse calmers can be your best option when you require that extra help. Some horse calmers are fast acting mainly found in paste form administered straight into the horse’s mouth using a syringe. Other calmers take time to build up in the horse’s system usually in a powder, pellet, or liquid form. They work by reducing stress, anxiety, providing focus and relaxation.

Calmingard is an instant horse calmer, for a daily calmer find out more about our Mgnium supplement.

Weight 0.2 kg


Horse: 1 syringe – to be given in horse’s mouth 1 hour before desired effect is required.

Pony: 0.5 to 1 syringe – to be given in horse’s mouth 1 hour before desired effect is required.

Not suitable for foals.


Calmingard Datasheet


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