Synovium® Calmingard – Instant Horse Calmers

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  • Unique formula to focus every horse.
  • Proven calming effects when most needed
  • Carefully developed by our team of vets.
  • Competition Legal

Calmingard Natural Horse Calmer contains all natural ingredients in a unique gel form. Our unique formula contains ingredients with proven calming effects. Calmingard does not sedate, is safe for competition and has been developed by our team of vets to reduce stress and anxiety when most needed!

Providing focus, concentration and a all round calmer horse.

Also Calmingard does not contain any substances on the anti-doping list therefore is safe for clean sport. It comes in a practical syringe for easy oral application. Ideal for shows, travelling, farrier etc.

5 x syringes (10ml each)

A favourite amongst our customers!

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Weight 0.5 kg


Horse: 1 syringe – to be given in horse’s mouth 1 hour before desired effect is required.

Pony: 0.5 to 1 syringe – to be given in horse’s mouth 1 hour before desired effect is required.

Not suitable for foals.


Calmingard Datasheet

1 review for Synovium® Calmingard – Instant Horse Calmers

  1. Sophie Quinton

    This is by far the best calmer I have ever used on my horse! He’s a 19 year old section D x tb who finds life far too exciting! But thanks to the calmingard syringes he is a different horse. He used to be very stressy at a show and trying to get him ready would be a nightmare, he would try and nip, he wouldn’t stand still and was just generally not nice to be with! Then in the ring he would often buck into canter or an extension and threw away a lot of wins by doing this. But since using the calmingard he is calm, quiet and not stressy. He stands still when getting him ready, is generally a lot nicer to be with and never throws in a buck but he still has plenty of presence and performance to do the job! We’ve had some amazing results since using this!!

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